Choosing a necklace length

Necklace lengths seem to fall around similar places on most people. While there are smaller and larger necks and longer decollate and chest areas, you can typically follow the chart to the right.

​Typically a choker length will be about 12"-13"

15"-16" will typically sit at your collarbone or slightly under it.

18" will sit about halfway down your decollate

20" will sit closer to your chest and is the length you want to look for when you're looking for a longer necklace.

Most necklaces can be resized for a small additional cost, including tennis necklaces. Please inquire prior to purchasing if you think you may want to shorten a necklace.

Bracelet sizing

Most people find bracelet lengths that are 1/2" larger than the circumference of their wrist to be the most comfortable.

You can measure your wrist size with a pliable tape measure and add 1/2" to the measurement for size estimates.

Bracelets come in a standard size 7" unless otherwise noted. Tennis bracelets and chain bracelets can typically be resized. Bangle bracelets can not be resized and must have accurate sizing.

Bangle Sizing

Small- 16 (6.3")

Medium- 17 (6.7")

Large- 18 (7.1")

Please contact up prior to ordering if you have a question on sizing.

Ring sizing

Please contact us for a no-cost ring sizer if you need assistance with sizing prior to ordering.

​Many rings can be resized approximately one full size smaller or larger but may lose a bit of their integrity. If you are ordering a ring, please let us make it in the correct size for you unless otherwise noted that it can be sized.

Eternity bands must be ordered in your exact ring size and can not be resized.

Any item purchased from The Karat Concierge that has been resized after purchase outside of The Karat Concierge negates the warranty.

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