As we step into a new year, the world of fine jewelry evolves with fresh inspirations and innovative designs. The year 2024 brings forth a fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary flair. In this blog post, we explore the exquisite trends that are set to redefine fine jewelry, capturing the essence of individuality, sustainability, and artistic expression.

1. Metal (White and Yellow Gold or Platinum) Choice for Engagement Rings

The yellow gold engagement ring popularity is swinging back to white gold/platinum for your simple and classic designs. Classic but popular design styles remain solitaire, thin accented bands with pave set diamonds and 3 stone rings.
The bezel set trend took off and is still going strong with bezel set stones, yellow gold remains a more popular choice and more visually appealing. This is also the case with chunkier engagement rings or free form designs with significant amounts of gold. Thick bands incorporated into the engagement ring itself are poplar as well as multiple bands and asymmetrical rings.

2. Diamond Shapes:

Round stones will always remain popular, second to ovals, emeralds and pear shapes for all five jewelry types. Marquise shapes have very much been out of trend the last 10 years but are coming back STRONGER than ever, set east/west in all jewelry types. 

Shapes for engagement rings remain similar to those listed above (marquise, pear, elongated shapes) while process cut stones have taken a backseat specifically for engagement rings ( trends show they may be on an uptick for other jewelry types).

Elongated stones (oval, marquise, pear, emerald cut and radiant) are being set east/west, which simply means that they're set on their side instead of up and down. 

3. Eternity Bands

Eternity bands will also always remain popular, however I am seeing a trend of women married 5-15 years upgrading their wedding band to a larger eternity band (think 4+ carats) and wearing it alone without their engagement ring.

Eternity bands and 1/2 way bands, also referred to as anniversary bands are extremely popular in the following layouts:

Standard (North/South)

  • Round

  • Oval

  • Emerald Cut

East/West Setting

  • Oval

  • Pear

  • Marquise

  • Emerald cut

Bezel Set

  • Emerald cut (N/S & E/W)

  • Oval

  • Round

Mixed Shape or Alternating Shape Bands

4. Pearls

pearl c look earrings with diamonds
Pearls are a trend that has resurfaced in the last few years, but specifically mixed with white or yellow gold- as opposed to strung pearls. We love a pair of large white or yellow gold hoop earrings with a pearl stationed every 1/4"or so.  

5. Stacks

The stack trend, while maybe the most popular, is the stack. For centuries, women have been stacking dainty rings on one finger (known as stackers). The same trend has been in place for some to stack bracelets- known as your bracelet stack. And recently an ear stack has become on-trend. However, in 2024 the focus will be on a good hand stack. Meaning, wearing rings across many fingers, making sure to include your pointer finger and pinky. Also refer to the two-tone trend when wearing rings across multiple fingers. 

6. Bold Gemstone Statements:

Vivid Colors: 2024 welcomes a resurgence of vibrant gemstone hues. From rich emeralds to deep sapphires and fiery rubies, bold and colorful gemstones take center stage, making a powerful statement in both classic and avant-garde designs.

Asymmetrical Arrangements: Designers are experimenting with asymmetrical settings, allowing gemstones of different shapes and sizes to harmoniously coexist, creating dynamic and visually striking pieces.

7. Lab-grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds have grown in popularity substantially this past year for the clients looking for an environmentally softer diamond alternative and are becoming more socially acceptable. And while they remain the same in looks and chemical composition, there is still a strong place for natural diamonds i the investment. The Karat Concierge does not advise purchasing a stone or finished piece made with lab-diamonds if you need it to retain its value or you plan on the piece being an heirloom fine jewelry piece. However for trendy, everyday, travel pieces or personalized fine jewelry, lab-grown diamonds are a great alternative to a natural diamond. 



    The year 2024 promises an exciting journey into the world of fine jewelry, where sustainability meets luxury, and personal expression intertwines with artistic innovation. Whether you find yourself drawn to the bold allure of colorful gemstones, the architectural elegance of modern designs, or the sentimental charm of personalized creations, this year's trends invite you to embrace the diversity of styles and celebrate the timeless beauty of fine jewelry. As you explore these trends, may you discover the perfect piece that resonates with your unique sense of style and becomes a cherished part of your jewelry collection.